SafeRiver was founded in 2005 to propose consulting services in safety and cyber-security for software-based systems. The challenges in safety meet up with challenges in cyber-security: embedded systems are indeed more and more open, they include open-source components and are more and more sensitive to attacks, in addition to their own errors. This considerably increases the complexity and therefore the cost of verification and certification.



SafeRiver's efficiency is supported by:

  • Innovative services with commitment to results
  • Our platforms based on powerful tools (SafeRiver Toolkit) and systematic methods
  • Research and development investments through collaborative projects or internally funded (especially proof tools and code analysis tools)
    • For our clients, it means producing results in contexts where another consulting company, using only commercial tools, can not.
    • For our consultants, this means diversified missions, sometimes at our clients' sites, sometimes at our headquarters.